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Damrak Gin

Created in the heart of Amsterdam and proudly presented because of its outstanding quality.
This Amsterdam-born gin is made with a selection of 17 different ingredients, including Curaçao orange peels and Valencia oranges. The citrus tones make this gin everything but a standard London Dry gin, upholding the honour of its name.

0.7L - 41.8% Vol.

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Experience the taste

We chose to use fewer juniper berries and instead let other ingredients be the centre of this gin without losing authenticity. The Curaçao orange peels create the characterizing citrus flavour, Valencia oranges create a sweet and unique taste, and lemons add freshness. Additional spices and herbs give the gin a unique flavour you never tasted before. The complete list of ingredients is one of the best kept secrets of Amsterdam. Can you guess them all? The perfect fit for a classic Gin and Tonic with fresh oranges, but also in cocktails like the Negroni.

Perfect for cocktails

Damrak Gin & Tonic

- 50 ML Damrak Gin
- 150 ML Tonic
- 2 Fresh (or dried) orange wedges

How to make the Damrak Gin & Tonic
Fill a long drink glass with ice cubes and pour the Damrak Gin into the glass. Top off your glass with the tonic and complete the cocktail with the orange wedges.
Try different kinds of tonic or garnish the cocktail with a cinnamon stick for an extra flavourful experience.