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Wynand Fockink

Eau De Ma Tante Liqueur

An incomprehensible name that is difficult to explain.
This liqueur is specially made to take along as a gift when visiting your family. The delicious combination of oranges, bitter almonds and vanilla give this liqueur its unique taste that cannot be compared with other existing spirits.

0.7L - 24% Vol.

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Experience the taste

The combination of oranges, bitter almonds, and a touch of vanilla create the very versatile Eau de ma Tante liqueur. This simple yet complex flavour combination makes it perfect for easy mixes. That way, its own unique taste can stand out best. Try this liqueur with some soda water and lemon juice in a Balón de ma Tante, in a hot chocolate with whipped cream or even in your coffee.

Perfect for cocktails

Balón de ma Tante

- 35 ML Wynand Fockink Eau de ma Tante liqueur
- 150 ML Soda water
- 10 ML Lemon juice
- Orange wheel

How to make the Balón de ma Tante
Fill a Copa- or a large wine glass with ice cubes and pour the Eau de ma Tante liqueur into the glass. Top off your glass with the soda water and lemon juice, and stir the cocktail. Complete the cocktail with the orange wheel as garnish.